13 inch No-Flat Replacement Tire

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Details & Specifications

  • No-flat replacement tire for lawn & garden carts, hand trucks, air compressors, pressure washers and more
  • Long-lasting, solid polyurethane design with a 300-lb weight capacity per tire
  • Perfect replacement for pneumatic tires
  • Offset wheel hub with a hub length of 2.16 inches
  • Perfect for these Gorilla Carts:  GOR0865(-C), GOR0865-D(-C), GOR865D11-1(-C), GOR866D(-C), GOR108-BG, GOR108-D,GOR1000PS(-C), GOR1001-COM, GOR1200-COM, GOR1200PS-C, GOR1200X, GOR1201B, GOR62-COM, GOR6PS(-C), GORMP-9, GORMP-10(-C), GORMP-12, GORMP-14


13 inch No-Flat Replacement Tire
Max Load Rating:
300 lb.
Bore Size:
5/8 inch
Hub Length:
2.16 inch

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