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We are what we give away

At Gorilla Carts, we are proud to put relationships first, and that’s what our latest giveaway is all about. Not only is gardening and landscaping a perfect opportunity to get outside, but it also provides the perfect activity to bond with the people who have had an impact on our lives.


We want you to focus on making your memories, not on struggling with backyard projects. We’re giving you the opportunity to win a 1,000 lb. Steel Utility Cart (GOR1001-COM) with our friends at Gardening Know How. Tell us, in at least 150 words, about a person in your life who has influenced you, and how you would use the GOR1001-COM to create new memories with them. Get your stories submitted by 9/1/2016 in order to qualify.


Though the final giveaway will be awarded randomly, we will be featuring stories to celebrate and posting them on our Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Stories

To kick off our giveaway, here are some of our featured submissions so far:


“My granddaughter has learned to love to help me garden, I love teaching her the wonders of how things grow. We would use this to haul our garden dirt and plants to the garden at planting time, then we’d use it to fill with our vegetables at harvest time to haul to the house. After gardening, we like to go fishing. She caught her first fish this year, she learned very well how to cast and reel it in on her own. While at the creek, we’d use this to haul rocks home for our landscaping that she also likes to help with. In winter time we would use this to haul our snowballs for our snow forts. Our time together is priceless, and I try to teach her about life and we always take time for fun too.” – Cindy 


“My daughter influences me to live a better, more sustainable life, so she can have a better future! I would teach her all I know about gardening that has been passed down from my Dad and hope she will pass on to her children. My husband and I have been gardening for years and it brings us closer together – we always feel a sense of pride when we grow our own food and love to share with friends and family! It is so important to teach our children, how to survive, not to depend on others to provide for you.” – Cathy


“My son is approaching 2 and along his journey of discovery we have spent so many hours in our garden transforming it from a blank page to a treasure trove of life and color. Because of him I have found a new and better version of myself and the time we have spent and will spend in our garden is a huge part of that. I would use this cart (if he let’s me) in so many ways for so many things and hopefully soon he’ll be telling me which plants, veggies and flowers he wants me to fill it with!” – Lu

Get your giveaway submission in!

Head over to our submission page on Gardening Know How’s Blog to share your story! How will you use a cart to make a difference?