Gardening Know How Giveaway Winners

Our Summer Giveaway Winners

For our summer giveaway, we took a step back; how do our products help foster healthy habits? We offered a chance to win our awesome 1,000 lb. Steel Utility Gorilla Cart by submitting a story on how you’d use our cart to make memories with an influential person in your life. We were thrilled to get so many positive submissions, and are happy to announce our winners.

Here are some of our favorites:

“The most influential person in my life is my Grandmother. I would love to use this to help do some cleaning up around her house. She always wants to plant a flower garden but never does it. Would be something great for us to do and enjoy together!” – Leah

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“My sister runs an rabbit rescue. It started out with just one cold and hungry rabbit rescued from a filthy cage. Now, it has become an official non-profit organization. Just this week the rescue helped save 300 rabbits from a hoarding situation. The Gorilla Cart would help us carry supplies, clean out the pens and more.” – Debra

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“My son Jakob is a hard working fifteen year old. He loves to be outside working on every kind of project. He currently has a campfire wood business he operates with a friend we attend church with. Him and his friend are usually out and about cutting trees down or splitting the wood they have. This cart would be a useful tool for them to load the wood onto so they can continue their hard work.” – Michelle

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Our Winners Are:

“My husband influences my life every day. He is my cheerleader and my inspiration. When I am down, he reminds me that I am important. He influences me to create a better world not just for our children, but also for him. I do this not because he makes me, but because I want them all to have the best lives they can possibly have. I would use the Gorilla Cart to help him gather and chop wood for our family campfires. The act of working together will help us continue building our bond as a couple and the campfires help improve our relationships with each of our six children. The need for strong families is greater than ever and being able to inspire and influence each other is great way to increase family love. As that love increases, our ability to influence each other is increased, and our personal desires to do better for each other also grows.” – Danielle

“My mother and I rely on each other for help in all things. It’s just she and I in the world. We spend a lot of time caring for indoor and outdoor pets, wildlife, cleaning our yard, trimming trees and shrubs, and removing debris. The Gorilla cart looks like the perfect cart to navigate over the bumpy terrain in our yard.” – Michael

We’d like to thank our friends at Gardening Know How for managing the giveaway, and bringing us great stories. We’d also like to thank all of your wonderful submissions, which showed us how gardening connects us all. Congratulations to our winners, and we hope their carts improve their gardening experience. Happy gardening!